Monitoring of Port Facilities

Infrasolute offers a wide range of sensors for monitoring and surveillance of Port Facilities .

Use of sensors for monitoring of Port Facilities

Port facilities represent complex and vital infrastructures facing a multitude of challenges. The safety and efficiency of these facilities are of utmost importance as they play a crucial role in international trade and maritime transport.

To ensure the integrity and performance of port facilities, Infrasolute offers an innovative solution: our cable and energy-free corrosion and moisture sensors. These advanced sensors enable precise and reliable monitoring without the need for wiring or external power supply.

Additionally, we provide fully submersible crack sensors specifically designed for monitoring cracks in water structures. These sensors can reliably detect cracks even underwater, providing crucial data for early detection of potential damage and implementing suitable maintenance and protection measures.

Strategically placed within port facilities, our sensors continuously capture essential data such as moisture and corrosion. This information is transmitted to relevant authorities, where it is stored and analyzed. Early detection of moisture-related and corrosion damage allows for timely maintenance and protection measures.

Our monitoring system provides a comprehensive overview of the condition of your port facilities, allowing for proactive and effective maintenance. This minimizes potential downtime, reduces costs, and ensures the safety of employees, goods, and ships.

Trust in our years of experience and expertise in port facility monitoring. Contact us today to learn more about our innovative sensor solutions and how we can help optimize the performance and reliability of your port facilities.

Sensors for Port Facility Monitoring

We use the following Infrasolute products for monitoring Port Facility. The tunnels are automatically monitored for moisture, cracks and changes in the statics.

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References for Monitoring of Port Facilities

We have successfully used sensors for monitoring of Port Facilities in the following projects.

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