Wireless sensor technology for monitoring corrosion and moisture in structures as well as level, crack and static monitoring or access protection for sensitive infrastructure. Value preservation, safety and sustainability through IoT early damage detection.

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Welcome to infrasolute – your specialists in the field of individual monitoring and safety solutions for buildings and technical infrastructure.

Concrete structures

Whether corrosion sensor, moisture sensor, static test or level monitoring - Infrasolute offers you sensors and solutions for preventive and sustainable monitoring of your structures.

Supply and disposal companies

Wireless monitoring, e.g. in pump shafts, sewage treatment plants, concrete tanks and silos for monitoring and controlling water levels and alerting when necessary - cost-saving and efficient.

Roof structures

Monitoring and alarming of static movements on roof constructions/building parts. The Infrasolute solution for monitoring roof structures against unwanted movements.

Safety of accesses

Safety-critical infrastructure is subject to the need for special security measures - our solutions prevent unauthorised opening, intrusion & vandalism.

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Sensors for bridges

Infrasolute offers a wide range of sensors for the active monitoring of bridges. Our sensors are able to detect moisture, corrosion, structural changes and cracking in the bridge.

The sensors can be retrofitted at a low cost and work wirelessly. In addition, they transmit the current data of the bridge wirelessly. These can then be evaluated and stored in the responsible office.

Überwachung von Parkhäusern mit Sensoren

Sensors for car parks

Save high maintenance costs by using sensors for car parks & underground garages. Our sensors detect the formation of moisture, corrosion and cracks in the concrete of underground car parks at an early stage.

The data can be read out manually or fully automatically via remote access.

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