Infrasolute offers a wide range of sensors for monitoring and surveillance of car parks and underground garages.

Use of sensors for monitoring underground garages & parking garages

Due to the structural characteristics of underground garages and multi-storey car parks, the structure has special hazards. Underground garages are exposed to a variety of pollutants, such as exhaust fumes from combustion engines, road salt in winter or moisture when it rains.

Modern multi-storey and underground car parks are usually built with reinforced concrete. Water penetrates through cracks in the concrete surface and leads to corrosion of the steel framework.

Using sensors, monitoring underground garages can be ensured, and the service life extended. Infrasolute offers a wide range of sensors to monitor moisture and corrosion and to detect cracks in the surface.

These sensors transmit the data to the responsible body, where it is stored and evaluated. Early detection of damage in the underground car park ensures that repairs can be carried out quickly and cost-effectively. In addition, maintenance shafts and special access points can be efficiently secured by the BS2 Lock Sensor.

Sensors for monitoring underground garages

We use the following Infrasolute products for monitoring underground garages with sensors. The underground garages are automatically monitored for moisture, cracks and changes in the statics.

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References for monitoring underground car parks

We have successfully used sensors for monitoring underground car parks in the following projects.

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