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Corrosion / Humidity

The structural infrastructure must always meet requirements such as performance, stability and durability. These requirements will have a lasting effect on our mobility in the future.

The corrosion risk and the corrosion activity of the reinforcing steel largely define these requirements and are determined by various impact and material parameters.

Moisture and corrosion behavior are among the most important of these parameters in interaction with external environmental influences, cause invisible damage inside the concrete structure.

The early detection of corrosion activities inside the concrete structure essentially determine the costs for its maintenance and repair.

Corrodec 2g

The system

Concrete plus steel - this combination stands for simple processing, variety of shapes, economic efficiency, and high load-bearing capacity in supporting structures in all construction areas.

However, it has a natural weak point:
The initially corrosion-resistant reinforcing steel loses its passive protective layer over time due to ageing and chemical influences. As a result, damage occurs, initially unnoticed, which can later endanger the load-bearing capacity of the entire structure. Once pitting, spalling and cracks have become visible, the remediation effort is already considerable.

Our unique cable- and energy-free early warning system, corroDec®2G, offers a simple and cost-effective solution here. Our sensors for corrosion, moisture or potential are inserted or retrofitted at the vulnerable points of the structure. Now the status can be recorded wirelessly at any time, and you receive valuable information about the structure's condition. As a result, you can take timely and targeted action. With our solution, you can sustainably secure the substance and value of your building and, if necessary, renovate it cost-efficiently. You can also effectively monitor the success of a repair measure.

Uncomplicated, cost-effective, and flexible.

CorroDec® sensors can be installed without great effort both before concreting and afterwards, with the help of a core hole drilling. Typical application areas are hydraulic structures, bridges, multi-storey car parks or shaft structures, etc.

CorroDec Feuchtigkeitssensor

CorroDec®2G – The unique monitoring solution for corrosion, moisture, potential

Identifies vulnerabilities before they become a danger.

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System variants

CorroDec®2G offers a wide variety of sensor variants, expansion modules, installation options and interrogation paths.

It is, therefore, suitable for almost all types of structures and applications.

The sensors are passive, energy-free and have no cable connection to the outside world. In this way, we ensure an extremely long service life for the sensors and rule out the possibility of harmful factors entering the structure along a cable leading to the outside.

Sensor variants

Query variants

Installation variants

Readers & Software

The CorroDec®2G sensor system series is based on the RFID principle. This means that the sensors do not require any power supply or data transfer cables. Instead, the energy for the sensors is supplied by the reader. Furthermore, the data is transferred simultaneously when a sensor is activated. Therefore, it takes only 3 to 5 seconds to collect and evaluate the data of a sensor.

The reader meets the following requirements:

The functionality of the sensors can be checked with the reader before, during and after installation.

CorroDec 2G Funkverlängerung

Our external antenna unit can be used for greater installation depths, allowing installations up to 25 metres.

Fields of application / References

Our CorroDec®2G technology can be used in almost all structures and is versatilely adaptable; the following areas of application serve as examples:

Einsatzgebiete CorroDec 2G

New construction: e.g. no surface protection system when using a corrosion sensor/moisture sensor

Download case study multi-storey car park (new construction)

Repair: e.g. coating incl. corrosion sensor/moisture sensor
Download case study car park (repair)

New construction: e.g. installation in the tendon area and in the drainage area

Repair: e.g. installation in the area of the tendons and in the area of the drainage – Monitoring residual risk

Download the case study bridge

New construction: e.g. monitoring corrosion risk from the outside

New construction: e.g. installation of sensors in the portal area (de-icing salt influence) // installation in case of massive sulphate load Maintenance: e.g. monitoring of residual risk with corrosion sensor in the portal area

Download the case study Tunnel

New construction: e.g. installation of a corrosion sensor in inaccessible places in the event of sulphate contamination
Download the Sewage Treatment Plant Case Study

Research & Development

The company BS2 Sicherheitssysteme has successfully completed the development of the 2nd generation of corrosion sensors. This development was funded by the AIF and the Federal Ministry of Economics within the framework of the Central Innovation Programme for SMEs.

The further development of the old system was necessary because the system cannot be remotely interrogated, and use in special applications (e.g. bored piles) is not feasible due to the technology used.

The new system has the following features:

Concrete system testing is carried out in Germany (BÜW) and referenced in Switzerland (TFB).

Partner & Förderer

Forecast model for structures

Monitoring solutions provide valuable data on the structure's condition and detect possible damaging factors in good time. Furthermore, this data can also be a tool for creating a prognosis model, which provides information about the remaining service life of a structure, for example.

Together with the Institut für Begutachtung und Überwachung von Baustoffen (BüW) in Herzogenrath, such a model was developed within the framework of an R&D project funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics.

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