Infrasolute sensors are the solution for monitoring the structural integrity of bridges

Sensors in bridge monitoring

With increasing traffic on the roads, the infrastructure of bridges is severely affected. Moreover, due to the dismantling of railway connections, a large part of the heavy loads are transported by road.

This was not foreseen when the bridges were built, and measures need to be taken to monitor and detect damage to bridges at an early stage. These were to be retrofittable and cost-efficient.

According to the regulations, bridges had to be inspected at regular intervals to ensure the safety of all road users. A cost-effective alternative is the monitoring of bridges with sensors. Through this, all relevant data is recorded in order to promptly detect damage and changes to the structure and initiate repairs.

Infrasolute’s bridge monitoring sensors detect moisture, corrosion, cracks and changes in the structure at an early stage. The data is stored, so a history of the damage and optimal repair time can be found. After the repair, a before/after picture can be created through the use of bridge monitoring.

Infrasolute specialises in monitoring structures with sensors and offers you, as a developer, a wide range of monitoring solutions.

Sensors for bridge monitoring

We use the following Infrasolute products to monitor bridges with sensors. The bridges are monitored for cracks, moisture and changes in statics.

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References for bridge monitoring

We have successfully used the sensors for monitoring bridges in the following projects.

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