Partners & Distributors

Welcome to the Distributors and Partners page of Infrasolute! Here you will find an overview of our global distribution partners who are here to assist you in selecting and implementing innovative structural monitoring solutions.

At Infrasolute, we take pride in collaborating with our distributors and partners to support customers all around the world, helping them efficiently and reliably monitor their structures. Our distributors are carefully chosen and possess extensive experience and expertise in the industry. They are experts in providing advice, training, and implementing structural monitoring solutions, and they are here to assist you with any questions or concerns.

We look forward to introducing you to our distributors and partners and demonstrating how they can assist you in implementing structural monitoring solutions to ensure comprehensive monitoring of your structures.

In the domestic markets, we offer you the service through the Infrasolute team. In these markets, we work closely in collaboration with, among others, the following partner companies.

In international markets, the following selected distributors offer our products and services.




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