Concrete monitoring: Sensor technology for concrete structures

In today's world, concrete structures are exposed to greater loads than they were a few years ago. Increasing traffic puts an enormous strain on bridges and roads, and due to changes in environmental influences, concrete structures are exposed to a variety of new hazards.

By detecting impending damage at an early stage, extensive and expensive repair measures can be avoided. In addition, Infrasolute's structural monitoring sensors provide a cost-effective and reliable option for the long-term monitoring of concrete structures.

Among other things, we offer sensors for the following applications

  • Monitoring of moisture in concrete
  • Detection of cracking in concrete

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Detecting moisture in concrete

When constructing a concrete building, water, combined with cement, is absolutely necessary. The binding of the finished concrete creates a so-called residual moisture. Since concrete basically allows water to penetrate to a certain depth, it is necessary to measure the moisture level precisely in the concrete plant. If there is too much residual moisture in the concrete, the steel girders can be damaged and endanger the stability of the structure.

With Infrasolute's sensors for monitoring concrete structures, you can get an accurate reading of the current situation in the structure.

Our sensors monitor your concrete structure for moisture, corrosion, cracks and structural changes. The values determined in this way can then be centrally evaluated and stored. The sensors can be integrated directly into the new construction or retrofitted. Our sensors are cable- and energy-free. They are, therefore, independent of temperature and provide unaltered values.

Monitoring corrosion in concrete

When water penetrates, harmful salts are also introduced into the structure of the concrete building. These salts are often the real danger as they attack the reinforcement and cause damage with high repair costs.

Our sensors for the detection of corrosion in structures use the so-called proxy corrosion. We measure whether the sensor wire is attacked and can make a statement about the corrosion condition of the structure.

Our solutions for monitoring concrete structures

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