Monitoring of Guardrails and Railings

With Infrasolute's sensors, you have the solution for monitoring your infrastructure.

Sensors for Guardrail and Railing Monitoring

Safety on roads and highways is of the utmost importance. Therefore, Infrasolute has developed an innovative solution for the monitoring of guardrails and railings. The in-house monitoring system is specialized in detecting deformations in real-time and triggering immediate alarm notifications when deformation occurs, for example, due to an accident. This innovative approach simplifies the way inspections are conducted and contributes to increasing traffic safety.

The monitoring solution stands out not only for its outstanding efficiency but also for its cost-effective implementation and retrofitting capabilities. These advantages allow traffic infrastructure managers to respond quickly and effectively to changes in guardrail and railing integrity without straining their budgets.

Infrasolute is your reliable partner for the future of traffic safety. Explore on our homepage how our solution optimizes your inspections and enhances safety on roads and highways.

Infrasolute specializes in the monitoring of structures with sensors and offers a variety of monitoring solutions for you as a developer

Your benefits

  • Monitoring of remote stretches
  • Monitoring of accident-prone areas
  • Immediate alarm notification
  • Continuous condition monitoring
  • Increased safety
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Quick response capability
  • Retrofitting option
  • Infrasolute as a reliable partner for the installation, maintenance, and repair of your monitoring solution
  • Monitoring of long stretches possible

Our sensors:

The following sensors are used for the monitoring of guardrails and railings.

Deformationssensor by Infrasolute
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