We introduce ourselves

Infrasolute AG is a Swiss-German group of companies focusing on IoT sensor solutions for predictive online maintenance and monitoring of buildings and infrastructure.

As a family-run company based in Zug (CH) and Boppard (DE), we combine expertise from the construction industry & real estate with expertise and innovation in IT, IoT and sensor technology.

Our products, such as the corrodec system taken over by BS2 Sicherheitssysteme GmbH under an international licence, are the basis of our success and have already been tried and tested for many years and have proven themselves in a wide variety of infrastructure buildings.

We have made it our business to develop, integrate and internationally market innovative sensor products in order to create real added value for our customers and their buildings.

We are convinced that promoting and introducing innovative technologies in yesterday's structures (retrofitting) and tomorrow's structures will make our infrastructure safer, more efficient and more sustainable.

Through the timely detection and avoidance of damage & risks as well as unnecessary construction measures and the resulting consequences, such as congestion and restrictions on use and much more. We want to make our contribution to a more economical and, last but not least, ecologically safe use of buildings and resources.

Your contact persons

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Benedikt Seuss

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Peter Nater

Founder & technical strategist
+41 41 670 00 12

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Christian Steffes

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Roman Koch

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Frank Hiester

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Jeremy Titchen

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Peter Seuss

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Kay Gorontzi

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Andreas Schwaebe