High-security door / manhole protection

Manhole covers on supply and disposal facilities, such as drinking water reservoirs, sewers or cable shafts, are usually completely unsecured. They thus provide free access for unauthorised persons and unwanted manipulation.

Especially in security-prone areas, such as stadiums, concert halls, airports or government buildings, freely accessible cover represents a security gap.

Our security and locking systems reliably prevent unauthorised access to security-relevant zones. They can be precisely adapted to individual security needs and offer you an easy-to-use solution for all doors, grates, cable ducts, covers and tops without interfering with operations. The on-site employee authorises himself by telephone before opening the cover. Messages about the status of the cover (open/closed) are sent by SMS or via a monitoring system.

Our security doors with WK4/WK6 certification can also be equipped with the energy-autonomous locking system.
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