SHAFT Monitoring

Shaft Monitoring
Monitoring of manoles and closure systems

Elevate the security of your utility facilities with our advanced Manhole Monitoring solution. Unsecured manhole covers in critical areas like stadiums, concert halls, airports, and government buildings pose potential security risks. Our state-of-the-art manhole sensor, equipped with an energy-efficient battery, is strategically placed inside the manhole to monitor openings and closures.

Infrasolute's Manhole Monitoring system provides a flexible gateway, allowing seamless integration with various sensors tailored to your specific needs. Enhance your monitoring capabilities by incorporating sensors such as crack sensors or water level sensors, ensuring a comprehensive approach to safeguarding your structures.

Our reliable manhole sensor swiftly detects unauthorized access or operational openings, offering durability and consistent performance over extended periods. Infrasolute delivers a cost-effective solution designed to proactively respond to changes, mitigating potential risks in industries, transportation sectors, and municipal facilities. Choose Infrasolute for an efficient, early-response system, optimizing safety and minimizing potential hazards in your manhole infrastructure.

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