Monitoring of Tunnels

Infrasolute offers a wide range of sensors for monitoring and surveillance of tunnels.

Use of sensors for monitoring tunnels

Tunnels constitute important infrastructure that plays a crucial role in both transportation and industrial applications. Given the diverse challenges faced by tunnel facilities, reliable monitoring systems are of great importance to ensure smooth operation and user safety.

Our sensors add value on various levels. They enable precise monitoring of relevant parameters to detect potential risks early on and initiate appropriate measures. The following aspects are of particular interest:

By detecting deviations early on, potential damages can be identified in a timely manner, allowing for appropriate countermeasures to be taken to avoid accidents or operational interruptions. Our sensors continuously monitor key parameters such as temperature, humidity, corrosion, and cracks.

Furthermore, the sensors contribute to ensuring the safety of tunnel users and extending the tunnel’s lifespan. By continuously monitoring the tunnel structure and surrounding environmental conditions, they provide a reliable data basis for condition assessment and the planning of maintenance and repair measures.

Sensors for monitoring tunnels

We use the following Infrasolute products for monitoring tunnels. The tunnels are automatically monitored for moisture, cracks and changes in the statics.

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References for monitoring tunnels

We have successfully used sensors for monitoring tunnels in the following projects.

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