Whether corrosion sensor, moisture sensor, static test or level monitoring - we offer you the following solutions for sustainable control of your building:

Corrosion / Moisture / Potentials

CorroDec®2G - The unique monitoring solution for corrosion, moisture, and potentials - detects weak points before they become a danger.

Discover our CorroDec®2G solution for your structures.

Our innovative corrosion and moisture sensors give you a unique insight into the substance and condition of your structures, enabling you to take early and sustainable action. Our solutions are designed for easy installation and use and can be used in almost all types of structures, both new build and retrofit.

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We are at your disposal at any time to discuss the possible applications in your buildings.

Corrodec 2g

Cracks/ static changes

Buildings and structures suffer damage due to underground mining, groundwater subsidence and in the vicinity of open-cast or deep construction sites.

They require constant monitoring to ensure maximum safety.

Our crack monitoring system gives you the certainty of constant control without the need for a large number of staff. You are conveniently alerted on your terminal device when defined limit states are reached. The transmission of the measurement data is wireless.

Roof/Component movements

Climatic influences - storms, high snow loads, heavy rain and temperature fluctuations - lead to load situations on buildings. A potential danger arises in the case of wide-span roof constructions of airports, stadiums, exhibition halls or sports halls.

With our laser-based statics monitoring, you can reliably assess the statics of a building with regard to possible overloading. The determined data are collected in a logger and can be read out directly from there, for example, by a mobile end device. You are alerted when defined limit states are reached.

Precise deflection measurements and an efficient early warning system give you security - and more time to act in an emergency.

Argus Bewegungserkennung in Bauwerken

Pressure, level and temperature monitoring

Our devices for monitoring, alarming and controlling water levels and a number of other factors such as flow, level, temperature, room climate and emissions provide you with the desired information flexibly via SMS. Moreover, by remote reading, you monitor the level of your technical systems or mobile applications (tanks, containers, etc.) energy- and wirelessly, quite conveniently.

The transmitted data can be easily displayed and viewed via a central online monitoring software or via a connection to the existing control centre.

Our universal monitoring system is ideally suited for covering entire areas and urban regions.

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