Monitoring solutions for bridge structures

Monitoring of moisture and corrosion in the bridge

In the course of a PPP project in the ADSB area, the concessionaire planned and installed moisture and corrosion sensors.

The aim of the planning in the new construction area was to detect damages in the area of the caps and joints in time before they became visible. Furthermore, since a very long warranty period was agreed upon, it was necessary to observe technologically related weak points and the effectiveness of the surface protection systems used.

Moisture and corrosion sensors were installed in accordance with the damage that would occur in the future in the area of technologically related weak points and in the cap area.

Monitoring Brücke A8
Corrodec2G Brückensensor auslesen

The data was read out on-site using a handheld reader. With the new sensor generation CorroDec2G, this is now also possible remotely.

Skizze Brücke A8
Überwachung einer Brücke mit Sensoren

Monitoring the bridge with Corrodec2G

The added value of monitoring for moisture & corrosion with Corrode2G

Our solutions for monitoring the A8 motorway bridge

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