Tunnel in Bavaria, A96

The realisation of a digital, sensor-based and proactive online monitoring (IoT) of corrosion and moisture events of a tunnel in Bavaria.

Monitoring of the tunnel at A96 with the help of innovative sensors

As a result of operational retrofitting works, the operators of the highway tunnel detected chlorides in the portal area, necessitating the rehabilitation of the concrete tunnel walls. The goal of the rehabilitation was to reduce the costs of the required repair measures and to observe the remaining risk (chlorides in the structure) and the effectiveness of the applied surface protection systems over a very long period.

After the gradual removal of chloride-affected concrete layers by a rehabilitation company, corrosion and moisture sensors of the Corrodec©2G type from Infrasolute were installed at positions specified by the planner/owner, such as in the portal tunnel areas.

Data can be read manually using a handheld device and transmitted online (NB-IoT) with visualization of the information. The condition of the sensors can be queried remotely at any time. Additionally, during routine maintenance intervals, the condition of the sensors can be determined directly on-site using a handheld device.

Realised goals

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