Monitoring of moisture and corrosion with sensors

As a result of high loads (mechanical / chloride), damage (cracks / spalling) became visible on the floors of the underground car park. In order to get an exact picture of the damage, the underground car park was inspected, and the damage was catalogued.

The client commissioned a trial repair to verify the repair calculation and to determine a repair technology appropriate to the object and the damage. The “W” repair principle was to be used, as well as the removal of salts from the columns. In addition, moisture and corrosion monitoring systems from BS2 were used as a safeguard.

Manuelles Auslesen des CorroDec 2G Sensors

Installation of moisture and corrosion sensors (standard version) in the crack area of the construction joint. Connection to the old concrete by means of coupling mortar. Install moisture sensors in the unloaded area (reference) of a pitch and in the repair area.

The data was read out manually using a handheld reader, whereby the selection of the readers (10 cm / 30 cm) must correspond to the installation depths of the sensors. In addition, a remote query of the sensors is possible, e.g. to control the inspection intervals.

Advantages of monitoring a car park with Corrodec2G

Monitoring moisture and corrosion with CorroDec2G offers you the following advantages

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