Balcony Installations in Sylt

Monitoring of balconies on Sylt using new types of sensors

The challenges faced by this balcony installation in Sylt due to saltwater exposure were significant. The aggressive saltwater can lead to corrosion and structural issues, jeopardizing the safety and longevity of the balcony structure.

Infrasolute was tasked with providing a comprehensive monitoring solution for the balcony installation. Energy-free corrosion and moisture sensors were strategically placed on each balcony to continuously capture relevant parameters of the corrosion process and detect potential damage early on.

Thanks to monitoring with Infrasolute’s sensors, the balcony installation officials could respond early to corrosive influences and implement targeted repair measures. The collected data allowed for an accurate determination of the degree of corrosion and the condition of the balcony structure. The data is transmitted online 24/7 through a gateway, ensuring that visitors to the holiday apartments are not disturbed at any time.

Regular measurements and monitoring enabled a continuous assessment of corrosion progress and aided in taking the right protective and maintenance measures. Timely reactions minimized damages, ensuring the safety and longevity of the balcony installation.

Continuous monitoring helps protect the balcony installation from further damage and optimize maintenance measures specifically. Contact Infrasolute today to learn more about our innovative sensor solutions for monitoring high-rise projects and balconies in corrosive environments. Together, we will find the right solution to ensure the long-term integrity and safety of your structures.

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