Monitoring von Hochbauten auf Sylt

Balcony Installations in Sylt

Balcony Installations in Sylt Monitoring of balconies on Sylt using new types of sensors The challenges faced by this balcony installation in Sylt due to saltwater exposure were significant. The aggressive saltwater can lead to corrosion and structural issues, jeopardizing the safety and longevity of the balcony structure. Infrasolute was tasked with providing a comprehensive […]

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Referenz Infrasolute Monitoring Tunnel mit Sensoren

Tunnel in Bavaria, A96

Tunnel in Bavaria, A96 The realisation of a digital, sensor-based and proactive online monitoring (IoT) of corrosion and moisture events of a tunnel in Bavaria. Monitoring of the tunnel at A96 with the help of innovative sensors As a result of operational retrofitting works, the operators of the highway tunnel detected chlorides in the portal

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Überwachung des Hafens mit Sensoren

Monitoring Port of Rotterdam

MONITORING THE INFRASTRUCTURE IN THE PORT OF ROTTERDAM Corrosion and moisture sensors to ensure the safety and sustainability of the quay wall through early detection of damage and problems using corrodec Generation 2 More than 80% of all infrastructure buildings worldwide are built of concrete Our mission is to make these buildings smarter, safer and

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